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released November 9, 2012



all rights reserved


NEG HOLE Portland, Maine

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Track Name: Take Care and Fuck Off
Kiss me again but keep you fucking eyes shut
What are you watching for? A subtle glint in your eyes
Keys me in, leads me to your duplicity
Shows me the smile in your face was meant for someone else

Fist through the wall. I’ve had enough of this place
I want to end it all, I want to sleep in peace

So this it the party’s fucking over
We had a good run but the fun’s now all but done
When you think back when its broken and look at what went wrong
It was you, only you, only you, only you

So this is it the end of the affair.
Track Name: Fistin' a Christian
Cross on your neck, God in your heart
You think that will save you when the killing starts
He doesn’t give a single fuck about you
Or any of your fucking braindead friends
So you need to change this world,
End this silent holocaust
But you’re just a child in a man’s shoes
A little blind boy preaching to the lost

Every martyr dies
that’s the name of the game
But you’d rather play the victim
You’ll still die the same

Standing on the corner, sign in your hand
Harassing innocent women makes you feel like a man
You claim you want peace, well I’ve got fucking beef
Now you’ll have my boots slammed into your teeth
Freedom of speech, freedom to lie
But you’ll answer at the roll of the die
Blow after blow will send you to the grave
Say hello to your useless God as the light fades
Track Name: Discrete
In the pale light of the moon
His body calls in erotic language to you
You can do what you want
Just don’t let anyone know
Because if they know, you’re fucking dead
A Pervert, faggot, sick in the head
Chained to a life in the black
Just for exploring every avenue of pleasures available to you

Forced to the outskirts of life
Demonized, stigmatized, this is out of line
Made into a cum crazed vampire
Second class citizen, first class deviant

Its 2012, not 1581
Why are you still held down
I thought we had come farther than that
Where everyone could be who they were
If you wanted to be with a man
No one should care or ever give a damn
But religion poisons all and bigotry reigns supreme
And in the pale night you’ll remain ashamed

One day though, itll all change
You can fuck who you want, nobody will give a fuck
And on that day, the churches will be mass graves
And you can come out from the shadows with a smile on your face
Track Name: In the Slime
Chaos reigns, give in to sin
Pleasures unknown to man
Autosensory over stimulation, uncontrollable ejaculation
As it pours down your form

You’ll die alone
Tormented by your lust
Filth and degredation
As I watch in wonder

You live in the slime
Vile child of the slime
Track Name: Virulence
Kids are dying in the streets
Every other block you’ll find two or three
The ones that aren’t yet, they wish they were
Enslaved to a god that we helped create
In the name of suffering a cure came out
One that would take the pain away
But it leaves you on your knees
And it binds you in addictions chains

Two by two by two by two
The dead and dying stare up at you
No plague so virulent as this
No addiction so synthetic

Suck off the covers, crush up a line
You’ll be low as shit in no fucking time
And nothing that bothers you could ever again
And never would again
Yet a plant remains demonized
While an entire population dies
But what use are poor kids with no hope or prayer?
Maybe when bankers start to die, then they’ll start to care...